Number of Votes Web Site Name Website Description
183 F4f We are a group of mad people who love to have fun. Chatting about everyday stuff is up to you, but we like to go outside the box and create a little mmmadness and mayhem, and it's all for fun so keep it nice. We have general chat in the chat room every sunday from 8pm till whatever time the last members leave, and a quiz every thursday at 8pm. These evenings are always great fun. We are accepting applications from anyone over age 18 though most of our members are of the 40+ age group. We don't do dramas - well maybe at certain times of the year you might see the odd panto dame appear..........
322 Feelings To Ink This is a Journaling site to learn Journaling. We also have a reading corner to review books you have read. Siggy games, other hobbies and wwo too. Also a place to make friends.
274 Fibro And Auto Immune Christian Support For All A fibro and auto immune support with a christian perspective.
48 Fivesibes Fivesibes is a blog about "a day in the life of" our five siberian huskies, as well as the sharing of thoughts, ideas, photos, tips, links, videos, news, and discoveries to the forefront of discussion about the wonderful breed with others who share a love for siberian huskies and all things canine.
68 Ford_Galaxy Owners_Club Club website and forum for owners of ford galaxy mpvs
588 Forever Friends We are a friendship group and also offer signature tags, and recipes, games and more. We love our members.
3 Forum Promotion Forum promotion is an active promotion forum with over 320 members... We have many ways to help you get members and many ways for you to promote your forum.
29 Free Movies Links Free movies please join
1 Friendsandfellowship1954 Ladies getting together to make new friends and fellowship. we have recipes,crafts and more. please come join us.
9 Friendsforever Fun and laughter .Tags snags, friendship
353 Friendship And Support Corner Come and meet to people. Some of have been through brain trauma such as a aneurysm or brain tumors and some seizures. Some of us have had breast cancer.Some time we like to talk and have fun and just act crazy.We have lots of different forums we have general discussion:fun and games;poetry;photo tips:health information and a pet forum come by and have a great time.
105 Friendship Circle2 Friendship group, a place to make long lasting friendships 18 plus
405 Friendship Community For Women A place for women world wide to build online friendships, find support with the trials of everyday life, share your tribulations, vent, play games, win tags, answer daily questions, and more.
28 Friendshiptagspsp We are a group of friends with lots going on
247 Friendsof40s5 We are a fun group site consisting of all our friends that originated in msn chat room "40s5". This is a place to post messages, important announcements & photos but most importantly to have some fun and laughs with our old and new friends. Our only requirement of those who are members is that you be an "active" & "contributing" member. We are not a chat room and/or a dating site.
195 From_grandmas home_to your home Family and friends getting to gether to share crafts,recipes,sewing ideas,psp, veggie and flower gardening and much more. locked site
482 Funjoint Fun, fun and fun. A long running forum, suitable for everyone of any age. One of the most active forums on proboards.

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