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7 La Poesie De Marie La poE9sie de marie vous offre, E9vasion, dE9tente, E9motions,avec ses nombreux textes fantastiques, ses poE8mes E0 la portE9e de tous, ses haEFkus et tankas mais aussi une rubrique spE9ciale dE9diE9e E0 la maladie de parkinson. Bonne visite E0 tous.
1 Lancebase Freelance community social center. Dynamic forum, high-powered discussions, platform ratings, marketplace news, independent workforce chat. Lancebase - where freelancers meet.
1 Les Delices Du Graphisme Bonjour, je vous souhaite a toutes les bienvenues chez ✿B4`B7.B7B4`✿les-delices-du-graphisme✿B4`B7.B7B4`✿ c'est un forum ou vous trouverai divers crE9ations des dE9fis en tous genre, des tutoriels et flash etc je serait trE8s contente de vous avoir dans ma liste des membres bisous
75 Letschatforlife A place to meet and make new friends
322 Lindas Creative Designs We are a copy write awareness group .We have many things to do in our group such as games,offers,contests and events.We are a laid back people.So come and join us and have some fun.
178 Lisa Hangout A place to meet and make some new friends
292 Lisas Hangout A place to come and relax and make new friends for life
245 Live Life To Its Fullness A place to meet and make new friends, we have lots to offer like daily chat chit and recipes and games
1247 Liz Annes Place We are a friendly group and have psp challenges daily. we have something for everyone and lots of fun games and other things for all to do.Win prizes along the way
911 Lizs Psp Playground We are a friendly psp group and we have something for everyone ,pspers and non pspers challenges,ftu tubes threads and games where you can win tags.If you like any of these things and want to have fun come join us.
3 Lizs Psp Playground1 We are a fun loving friendly group.We love psp and making new friends .We have something for everyone pspers and non-pspers. challenges,ftu tubes lots of fun threads to win tags . site is for all ages
2 Lori Sims Lots, houses, sims, poses and animations for the sims 3 game by oloriell and ginara
495 Love And Light World Spiritual world of love, lights, peace, harmony, angels, Mary virgin and Christ lights, ascended masters, awakening, ascension, chakras, lemuria, shamballa, visionary art, drunvalo, sedona Arizona, wingmakers, fairies, etc.
4174 Loyal Friends A place to get together, share your day and make some new friends.

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